Photography Workshop The Lights of Venice and Burano

Venice Photography Workshop

Little alleys, gondolas and secret corners of Venice will be the elements of our images and the lines of the city will dictate the composition of our photographs. Venice is one of the most photogenic places in Italy and we will photograph it from the first light of dawn to the last warm light of sunset, a perfect mix for a Cityscape and Street Photography workshop.

DEPARTURE: 12-13-14 APRIL 2024

Lake Garda Landscape Photography Workshop

Photo Day Trip at Garda Lake

The landscape of Lake Garda is a perfect setting to take great photos of the landscape. The tour is designed for the needs and photographic timing.
DEPARTURE: 11-12-13 MAY 2024

Photography Workshop in Rome

Workshop Fotografia Rome

Rome, the eternal and spectacular city, is a unique place to take excellent photos of the urban landscape and street photography in its typical neighborhoods and hidden corners. The tour is designed for photographic needs and times.

DEPARTURE: 30 September 1- 2 October 2022

Val d’Orcia Photography Workshop

Photography Workshop Val d' Orcia

Val d’Orcia is one of the most photogenic places in Italy, and capturing it from the first light of dawn until the last warm sunset light offers a unique experience that is pleasing to the eyes and uplifting for the mood.

DEPARTURE: 19-20-21 APRIL 2024