Giulia Adami Fotografo Matrimoni Verona

If you ask me what I like to photograph, I can only answer urban and non-urban landscapes and, as they say in technical jargon, long exposures. But the thing I love most about my work is having the opportunity to give voice to the stories of the people I meet through the images that speak for them and that transmit emotions to those who observe them.

The camera is my travel companion. She is always with me ready to immortalize the life that flows around me. By registering for PhotoLab, photography, Lightroom, and Photoshop courses, I will have the opportunity to share my experience more and more with all the people who want, not only to admire my Artwork but also to challenge themselves and test their own photographic skills.

In particular with the practical courses and photographic workshops that I organize in some of the most beautiful and historical Italian cities, such as Rome, Venice, Verona, and in many other destinations, I guide people to discover the most characteristic places to admire them from a point of a different view and immortalize them with a new and sometimes unexpected technical and emotional awareness.

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