Have little time and don’t want to give up visiting the city and learn how to take more beautiful pictures? A photographer, who knows Venice well, allows you to visit the most scenic spots of the city quickly






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Some details 

Bike Rent: Included
Date:   every Monday and Wednesday from February to October
Start time: 9:30 e 14:00
Duration: 2,5 hours
Meeting Point: 100 Gradi Cafè
Languages: English, Italian and German

IMPORTANT:   This photo tour will not take place   in case of rain and with cancellation due to bad weather, you can choose another date or full refund.

Preferisci un contatto diretto?

  +39 045 800 3906

 +39 340 3308670  (WhatsApp)


Photography Cityscape Tour in Verona

ツ The final goal is to have fun while we discover how to take better photos around the city. It doesn’t matter if you use an DSLR or a smartphone.

We will cycle through the most beautiful streets and squares of the city to discover the best shots by practicing the different composition techniques.

ツ I will be happy to help you with tips and tricks that will change the way you take pictures and I will share my workflow and apps.


Meeting at 100 Gradi Cafè to rent the bicycles in Corso Porta Nuova 100 Verona


The stops will be in the most beautiful spots of Verona: Arena, Castelvecchio, Ponte Pietra, Roman Theater, Piazza Erbe


After two and a half hours we will return to 100 Gradi Cafè for the return of the bicycles.
And why not,   if you are hungry, you can also enjoy a dish of the day at very reasonable prices. The kitchen is really good and it’s worth it.


☛ Small group max 8 participants
☛ PhotographerAdobe Certified Expert
with a local
☛ Suitable for beginners
☛ Photo timing
☛ E-book “The Photography Language”


☛ Camera or smartphone
☛ I suggest you wear comfortable clothes, suitable for the season.

Some photos from previous Photo Tours

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Your photographer for this tour

Giulia Adami Verona Tour Photographer


Expert photographer, Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CC.
With photo tours, courses and photography workshops I help travel and photography enthusiasts with a practical method designed to take great photos regardless of the gear used.

Beautiful photo tour in an equally beautiful city! Giulia shows you the city from another point of view, with the right light and from the best angles. Funny and instructive, I recommend this experience to spend an alternative afternoon treasuring also the teachings in the technique of photography.

I know the city of Verona and yet this experience gave me new and interesting ideas. Giulia’s skills transmitted with enthusiasm and sympathy led to an atmosphere of sharing and friendship in the group. The bicycle makes getting around the city more practical and faster to get a more complete overview of the city. I recommend this photo bike tour to those who want to know some tips on how to take better pictures and also to those who want to see the beautiful Verona in a different way in a couple of hours!