Have little time and don’t want to give up visiting the city and learn how to take more beautiful pictures?
A photographer who knows Venice well allows you to travel faster in the less touristy areas of the city.





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Every Tuesday and Thursday from February to October
Timetable: 10:30
Duration: 2,5 hours
Meeting Place: Meeting in front of the church in Campo Santa Maria Formosa in Venice  
Language: English, Italian and German
Age: min 12 years

IMPORTANT:  This photo tour will not take place in case of rain. and with cancellation due to bad weather, you can choose another date or full refund.

Private and customized photo tour?

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  +39 045 8003906

 +39 340 330 86 70   ( WhatsApp)


Urban photography in Venice

It doesn’t matter if you use an DSLR or a smartphone.

We will walk through the less touristic alleys and squares of the city to discover the best shots by practicing the different techniques of composition also on the basis of the equipment you have with you.

ツ I will be happy to help you with tips and tricks that will change the way you take pictures and I will share my workflow and apps.


Meeting in front of the church in Campo Santa Maria Formosa in Venice


We will walk along the calli to discover how Venetians live, taking pictures of shops and many hidden pearls, practicing different composition techniques and shots.

We will stop at the most incredible bookstore in the world, a magical place to have wonderful photos.


After two and a half hours in Campo Santa Maria Formosa in Venice


☛ Small group max 8 participants
☛ Photographer Adobe Certified Expert
with excellent knowledge of the place
☛ Suitable for beginners
☛ Photo timing
☛ E-book “The Photography Language”


☛ Camera or smartphone
☛ I suggest you wear comfortable clothes, suitable for the season.

Some pictures from the Tour photo

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Your photographer for this photo tour

Giulia Adami Verona Tour Photographer


Expert photographer, Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CC.
With photo tours, courses and photography workshops I help travel and photography enthusiasts with a practical method designed to take great photos regardless of the gear used.

Julia was such a nice person and she knew so much about photography and about Venice. We met at a Caffe first, and got to know the others in the group-this was a really nice introduction to the tour. She spent a lot of time helping us with anything we needed-help with cameras, tips on technique, etc. We loved her and would recommend this tour to anyone interested in a private tour of Venice and photography.

I know something about photography, but I did not know enough about Venice, the sights and the special atmosphere that I wanted to photograph. Of course, I knew Rialto, San Marco, Academia,…-but I wanted to visit other places in Venice. See areas that are mostly not overrated by tourists. Julia showed me an absolutely great bookstore and told me about it. I was also shown some backyards, squares,… That I would never have found alone. During Our photo walk, she told me something about the area we were in. I was able to photograph there with this knowledge, which was more enjoyable and can also be seen in the pictures. It was a great pleasure to meet Giulia and have a very competent and eloquent local PHOTO GUIDE in her.
Giulia is a very good photography teacher and the walking tour created for the group was perfect for everybody from a serious photographer to anybody who has an iPhone. The Tour is well organized in a less touristic area of Venice. Even If you are not focused on photography, it is great to have an opportunity to walk slowly to find a way of seeing along the way. Julia gave us with her PDF book excellently describing how to compose photography pictures. We love her experience, her love of photography and her focus on this program.